Grande Pointe, Manitoba with Moriah & Cody

April 11, 2019

As soon as I met Moriah and Cody I knew we were going to have a blast! Not only did I know Cody and his family from a past wedding I've done, but the family support these two have is a sole reason of how amazing their wedding will be this year! How Cody's little brother outlined a bunch of tracks for us to follow throughout the yard so we didn't fall too deep into the snow was the perfect display of what family mean't to them.


After we froze a little we warmed inside then came back out to see Moriah and Cody's favourite truck in the driveway ready for us to take photos with! The colour blew be away in and of it self (as you will see!), but what really touched me was the meaning this truck had with these two. It was because of the meaning this truck had it made it that much more special to shoot with! 


A little note for all engaged couples, incorporate something you both love together in your session! It can be trucks, going for coffee, skating, enjoying a fire, anything you have a blast doing together! By doing something you love will, you will both feel relaxed, comfortable, and will make for the best photos of you're engagement! 


Finally, Moriah & Cody decided to do there session in Grande Pointe which is where there ceremony will be held! Although it looks different in the winter, this family yard will be magical come August and I cannot wait to see it! 




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