Icy Strolling with Megan & Ashton

May 2, 2019

Although we froze in the heart of Manitoba's winter North winds, it was so worth it!


Even though by this point when Megan, Ashton, and I shot together it was supposed to be warming up, Manitoba weather decided to throw us a little bit of a different story which consisted of lots of snow, icy walk ways, and no feeling left in our bodies. Did I mentioned they were both only wearing 1 layer of clothing? Ya. They were the defintion of Troopers! 


Through walking carefully on some ice in order to capture the winter wonderland we were surrounded, to these two being their true selves of sarcasm jokes that made us laughing non stop, and toping it all off with a minor fall in the snow because we were all a little bit clumpsy, it was SUCH an amazing time with Megan and Ashton! 


Here is what they had to say about their session!: 

"Our biggest fear was that we wouldn’t like the pictures just because we aren’t used to taking pictures but honestly it went so smoothly. Marissa directed us perfectly, it all came together so easily and fun that I had no worries from the moment we started that the photos would turn out absolutely amazing! The experience was affordable, comfortable, and so easy to get in touch with Marissa! She was so personal and captured exactly how our relationship is perfectly!"



Enjoy my favourite photos of Megan and Ashton! 


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