How Did I Get Into Wedding Photography?

June 19, 2019

Every year no matter what I'm photographing I always get asked the question, how did wedding photography come a passion of yours? First and foremost, I LOVE THIS QUESTION! 


When I'm attending weddings, meet my couples for the first time, getting to know their families, or even during sessions I get asked this question and my heart starts racing! Why? Because explaining what I love to do so much to someone is energizing! I have the chance to describe why I enjoy capturing these life moments that these special people I can call friends, can look back on years from now and say, "I remember that moment." 



Photography in my earlier years was seen as a hobby. Photographing everything in my surroundings, bringing my camera along on family walks, gatherings, sporting events, you name it I had my camera! It wasn't until 2015 where two close family members got married that I realized wedding photography was something I had to start doing.


As these events it came to me just out how much I love documenting moments for people who at first are strangers but later become more then just clients, but best friends. Photos are the only thing people have as a memory of their wedding day, the people that attended, the emotions that were displayed, and much, much more! Because of each of these things, wedding photography had to be something I had to do no matter what it took! 


Fast forward a few years and I've photographed more weddings then I could ever have imagined, made friends through each wedding that I hold near and dear to my heart, and have documented moments that have made me tear up, laugh, and everything in between.


Finally, whatever the future made hold in the wedding industry I can't wait to continue this journey and to have you along with me! 






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